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Traieste un adevarat cosmar din cauza unei boli ciudate. Aceasta femeie se barbiereste de 3 ori pe zi

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Collect of Cheryl with her children Sharon and Jack. Cheryl Howe a bearded woman who is forced to shave three times a day has been left devastated after the NHS refused life changing laser treatment on her skin, as the procedure is ''too cosmetic.'' Mother of two Cheryl has to keep removing hair from her face, breasts and stomach every day due to a lifelong condition which affects her hormones. She claims to have spent £2,000 a year on razors and shaving cream and last January, after a ten year wait for help on the NHS, underwent a successful trial for a £10,000 laser hair-removal treatment to make her a ëreal woman,' but last month after she hadnít heard anything about a further appointment at Leeds Teaching Hospital, she called only to be told she was no longer on the waiting list as her treatment was ëcosmetic.í

O femeie din Marea Britanie traieste un adevarat cosmar din cauza unei boli ciudate, care o chinuie din copilarie. Cheryl Howe, in varsta de 32 de ani, sufera de la 12 ani de o afectiune numita sindromul ovarelor polichistice, care ii provoaca o pilozitate excesiva pe fata. Femeia are practic barba, asemenea unui barbat, iar…

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