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Nume de cod: „Oraşul 40”. Locul interzis din pădurile munţilor Ural

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In this photo taken on Friday April  8, 2016, a sign warns people not to enter the town of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia, which houses the Mayak nuclear facility. Mayak is a nuclear complex that has been responsible for at least two of the country’s biggest radioactive accidents. Worse, environmentalists say, is the facility’s decades-old record of using the Arctic-bound waters of the Techa River to dump waste from reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, hundreds of tons of which is imported annually from neighboring nations. (AP Photo/Katherine Jacobsen)

In Rusia, orase intregi sunt pazite precum inchisorile de maxima siguranta. Locuitorilor de aici nu li se permite sa invite oaspeti din alta parte, decat cu ocazia unor evenimente speciale precum nunta sau inmormantare. Unul dintre ele este orasul Ozersk. Ce ascund rusii acolo? Centrul de prelucrare si depozitare a deseurilor nucleare, „Maiak”, este situat…

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