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The polls are now open as America moves to elect its 45th president and the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton remains close.

The investigations into Clinton’s use of a private email server have now been concluded with no charges to be brought against the Democrat candidate. But the relevations last weekend have already done enough to give Trump momentum into the final week.

Based on polling data from RealClearPolitics, we have the latest state-by-state predictions and an estimate of the overall Electoral College vote.

First results. Hillary Clinton won 71.63% of votes in the island of Guam, Republican Donald Trump and 24.16%, after counting all 32 071 votes in this US territory in the Pacific. „The place where the United States start ‘button on a time zone 15 hours before Washington does not designate any elector in the electoral college of 538 electors designating the US president. Guam vote is purely symbolic significance, but since 1980 voters preferred candidate of the island has always been the one who ultimately won the election

The news that the FBI had reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server last weekend handed Donald Trump an unexpected boost ahead of the vote.

The FBI obtained a warrant to begin searching newly discovered emails belonging to Huma Abedin, a top aide of Hillary Clinton, with Clinton’s use of emails also in the spotlight.

It seemed likely that Clinton would have to finish the campaign with unspecified allegations hanging over her. But she still retained the lead, according to polling figures, despite it having been narrowed to within a couple of percentage points.

Yesterday, however, the FBI cleared Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing, something she will hope will see more voters swing her way in the polling booths.

Clinton has been ahead almost continuously in the Telegraph’s poll of polls, which takes an average of the last five polls published on RealClearPolitics.

The presidential campaign has seen Donald Trump, once a Republican outsider, close the gap on Clinton before falling back after a series of controversies.

Trump has briefly pulled ahead a couple of times – first on 19 May. His polling threatened to consistently overtake Clinton in September, but has since fallen back after a series of allegations of sexual assault were made against him.

Trump is prone to making gaffes and alienating key demographic groups with his comments. His comments on sexually assaulting women, as well as poor performances in the presidential debates, had seen Clinton extend her lead.

However, with the news that the FBI is once again investigating Clinton, a lot could change between now and election day.

The New York Times has worked out that, even one day before previous elections, a simple polling average has differed from the final result by about four percentage points. With the polls being still close, anything could happen.

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