Couple Dies Holding Hands

In this March 2014 photo provided by Cynthia Letson, Floyd and Violet Hartwig pose together in a yard in Easton, Calif. The Hartwig’s marriage spanned 67 years, but their love for one another appears timeless. Sensing that the couple was close to death, their children pushed their two hospice beds together and gently placed their father’s hand in the mother’s palm. Floyd, 90, died first. Violet, 89, followed five hours later. They had a good life and died Feb. 11, 2015, at home, just as they had wished, the family said. (AP Photo/Cynthia Letson)

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Nu sunt un artist, nu sunt un talentat scriitor, sunt om ca si tine. Doar ca diferentele dintre mine si tine o fac obiceiurile noastre si viata pe care o traim. Nu ne invartim in aceleasi anturaje, nu avem acelasi limbaj, la dracu nici macar nu ne cunoastem, dar sigur avem de impartit idei sau am avut aceleasi idei o data, desi repet nu ne cunoastem. Nu te stiu, nu te cunosc, nu te vad, nu te ating, nu te caracterizez, nu te critic, nu te injur, nu te admir, nu te laud, dar tu poti sa ma critici, aplauzi, caracterizezi, poate chiar si sa ma apreciezi. E dreptul tau, e timpul tau.

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