Living on a Dollar a Day

In Ghana in an e-waste dump that kills nearly everything that it touches, Fati, 8, works with other children searching through hazardous waste in hopes of finding whatever she can to exchange for pennies in order to survive. While balancing a bucket on her head with the little metal she has found, tears stream down her face as the result of the pain that comes with the malaria she contracted some years ago. This is work she must do to survive.
Tears stream down the cheeks of Fati, 8, as she suffers a headache from Malaria. She balances a bucket on her head of small metals she has sifted through toxic debris in a e-waste dump to find using a magnet with her bare hands. She is very unhappy and wants to return to the north to her family and go back to school but her mother moved her to Accra. She says she has a horrible cough from inhaling the smoke. Her mother says that her husband has four wives and did not treat her well and that’s why she left. Fati suffers from stomach pains and headaches and they have no money to go to a hospital. Her mother Rahinatu, 40, came to Accra after her sister gave her the money to leave Yendi. She goes to work as a porter carrying heavy loads every morning at 3 a.m. She wishes she could go back north because she misses her other three children, all boys. One son died at age 10 from high fever. They are muslim and go to a mosque and pray every day. She prays for a long life and that God will take care of her daughter because they live in a very dangerous place. She is unaware of the harm her daughter is suffering from working at a toxic waste dump. After they go to mosque they eat if they have enough money, sometimes they don’t.
Does she think her life will ever change? If I get money my life could change. I would like my daughter to be a seamstress and her daughter would rather wash clothing then work in the dirty filthy toxic garbage dump.
These children basically work at breaking down and extracting

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Nu sunt un artist, nu sunt un talentat scriitor, sunt om ca si tine. Doar ca diferentele dintre mine si tine o fac obiceiurile noastre si viata pe care o traim. Nu ne invartim in aceleasi anturaje, nu avem acelasi limbaj, la dracu nici macar nu ne cunoastem, dar sigur avem de impartit idei sau am avut aceleasi idei o data, desi repet nu ne cunoastem. Nu te stiu, nu te cunosc, nu te vad, nu te ating, nu te caracterizez, nu te critic, nu te injur, nu te admir, nu te laud, dar tu poti sa ma critici, aplauzi, caracterizezi, poate chiar si sa ma apreciezi. E dreptul tau, e timpul tau.

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